Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Want to learn SeleNesse hands-on?

A little under a year ago, I posted slides and downloads for Executable Specs using FitNesse/Selenium (aka SeleNesse).

This year, I am in a spot to teach others how to do this technique hands-on, and I am pretty excited about it. SQE has given me the opportunity to conduct a half-day tutorial at STAREast: 3.5 blissful hours of getting in front of a computer, learning just how easy it is to start writing acceptance criteria and tests as a team, in the same place where the tests will eventually be executed.

Check out the program for STAREast this year here: http://www.sqe.com/StarEast/Schedule/Default.aspx

To read the abstract for my tutorial, check out this page and scroll down a bit: http://www.sqe.com/StarEast/Tutorials/Default.aspx?Day=Tuesday

If you can make it to STAREast this year, I have a discount code for an extra $200 off. Just use SKWS when you check out to receive the discount.


Chris McMahon said...

maybe I should sign up :-)

Alex said...


software integration testing said...

I was at your session. thought it was great. but i'm wondering what happened to your blog? you aren't passionate about testing anymore?

Dawn Code said...

Hi software integration testing!

*grin* I have admittedly been really awful about blogging for many months. Temporarily, my focus has turned to family. I have a baby due in less than 2 weeks. I expect to be back to writing again next year, and with any luck, speaking again next year too!

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